13681009_10208306856486595_3411513760666059343_nI was born in Manado, a (then) small town situated at the bay of North Celebes. But culturaly, I belong to a small ethnic group in the northernmost of Indonesia at the sea border with the Philippines. I have two sisters and one younger brother. I have two mothers and two fathers (see!). So basically, I was raised by two different (but one soul) families.

Frequently writing pieces for different Indonesia outlets such as IndoPROGRESS, GeoTimes Indonesia, Papua Itu Kita, Jakarta Beat, Mojok, Minum Kopi, Tirto ID, Kumparan, and Suara Papua. Sometime, I write an article in English to be published by Jacobin Magazine, Nikkei Asian Review, Europe Solidaire Sans FrontieresNew Mandala and Monthly Review Online.

I was a Christian, Indonesian passport holder and male mammal. Spending life between Vietnam, Indonesia and Papua. Proud food barbarian (eating dogs, snakes, bats, cats, rats, etc -you name it), espresso enthusiast, beer lover and amateur chef.

Currently working as freelance researcher doing ethnographic works in eastern Indonesia (coastal area of West Papua, Nusa Tenggara islands and Sulawesi). In the past I’ve done several research in Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. My major interests ranging from Southeast Asia politics and social movements, indigenous people, critical ecology, agrarian studies and football culture.

If you interested with my works or willing to get in touch, you send an email to: andrebarahamin[at]gmail[dot]com