Sometime, we need to move on. To put ourself one step ahead. To mark a new chapter as the beginning of the upcoming journey. Not as new one, because I was and will never believes that there’s something new under the sun. Classic? Yeah, sometime.

This new blog was set up by a friend of mine, Boncu from ILab Jakarta. In fact, this blog are using free hosting service from ILab Jakarta. Boncu himself has done many great jobs previously and it took less than 5 minutes for him to set down this small room. Without his help, I won’t have a space to express the other me. The other side of an idiot who is willing to give comments on everything. An idiot who were always pretending as pro. One whom lack of knowledge but willing to challenge himself to learn new things by making hundreds or millions of mistakes.

A room where I can talk to other side of me while sober or drunk. Trying to be childish and wiser and use this blog as a mirror where I can get up in the afternoon and found that the sun still shines. Most of my pieces here were moved from it old saving boxes or my previous blogs. I put it each of those according to it first date when it was published. I will try to put all of my thoughts here as much as I could. You just need to wait.

If somehow, accidentally or deliberately you found this blog, just simply guide yourself. If you later decided to left a comment here, please note in advanced that this is a personal blog. Deleting comments or super late respond will depends on me.

If you’re willing to know who am I, you can click this.