A City

We have no enough cups of coffee
For this conversation
Not because we have lots to talk
But we lack of references

There’s no differences here
Sand only shows uniformity
Here, in this city
Line is simply a line
Not a barrier nor marker

This city doesn’t form anything
Nor take care something

Slaves and not human
Who formed this city
Folded and arranged it

Demoracy is colored papers
And feudalism is solid one
And mystic is super-glue
Which can not be dissolved by water

That’s why origami become interesting
You can open it and folding it
Based on your will
We both called it: freedom

As well puzzle
No matter how tricky it can be
It just a game
We both called it: people’s will

Here in this city,
Freedom is not immersed in the shadow of death
In fact, they planted it in the small pot
Allowed to grow big just like bonsai
Too big is not sexy
Because people thoughts were small

Here, freedom is a failed comedy
Though it is not funny
We will laugh hardly
Since it is an obligation

Just finish your coffee
And let’s go
Those sycophants are coming
To clean our table