Manila dan All About You

Crowded of walker
Sat next to a stranger

Look back to my past
Time run so fast

Here’s no more rainbow
I full of hope clock can be slow

So I can have time to remember
You are the past, coz now is September


Soekarno Hatta Airport: 2nd of September 2011

* * *

I made the poem above when I was arrived back from the Manila to Jakarta, at the airport while I’m waiting for my luggage. I wrote it on my small old notes book. A small book where I will always write down something that scratched on my mind concerning events or something important, included poems.

It quite old poem. But somehow, I still believe if she haven’t yet read it. Yeah, the poem is for a girl. Back at that time, I met with a girl in Manila and falling in love with her. I have no chance at the time to say words about my feeling, as usual.

Now with the Valentine flowers and chocolates, I post the poem here for the first time. So all the cupid-things can help me to bring it far and hand it to her. And I tagged some friends here, because for some reason I have no idea why I did it.