Your Writings

Hi Ndre,

I read your writing. And I got a few points after reading it, this is my honest opinion, please do not take it harshly.

1. First and foremost, it is better for both of us to leave ”our” history in our memories. We both knows how much we loved n needed each other, and how much we missed each other. By putting the history on your writing n will be read by our friends will only do harm to our mutual friendship at the moment. It was a difficult thing for me to be with you again because I knew I could fall in again easily. I trusted you, that’s why I saw you again. Let’s keep it that way. Because it will hurt us.

2. The story already got good value, I think better to write something about your trip, your ”revelation”, your new life, your new friends, your new activity, your dream, your expectation from life. Your opinion about your past decisions, etc.

3. Put some ”poetic” language into your story so that it becomes a piece of well written literature.

Thanks for this with me. I truly appreciated it.